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Gyro Restart

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6:00 AM Tuesday morning and I am heading into the office, decided to ride the bike in. Doing about 75 MPH on the highway in the center lane and a truck with new empty trash cans pass me by in the fast lane with a car on his ass. I was gaining ground on another vehicle in the center lane so I signaled and moved over to the fast lane. Just after I did the trash cans flew out of the back of the truck and smashed the windshield of the car behind him. Both vehicles locked up their brakes and being new they had anti locks. I locked up my rear and as I was sliding I noticed it starting to lay over. Both vehicles pulled into the left shoulder and I could see a path through the empty trash cans and glass. Thinking I was on the verge of laying over and going against what I was taught I let go of the rear brake. The bike straightened up but the handle bars jerked back and fourth a few times. I came out ok bobbed, weaved and throttled through the road debris. Question is there a way to minimize the violent handlebar reaction? Would gunning the throttle to get the rear gyro back to speed fast as possible be better? Or would starting it slow as possible be better? :confused:
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Sounds like you just did avoid a high side. Locking the rear brake is not good, but a high side is caused when the rear brake is released and the bike snaps back.
Glad you made it through ok.
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