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Had a great ride today

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What a great day. It was just cold enough that all my gear was not to hot and just warm enough that the wind on my neck felt good.
I started out on River Road in Keizer and went to Methany road to the Wheatland Ferry. Crossed the Willamette and headed for Amity. Took 99 to Monmouth and then the King highway to almost Fall City. Back into Dallas through Derry back to 22. Then through Salem to Minto Brown for a short break. Then a right out of Minto Brown to almost Independence. Left just before the Willamette in Independence and took that road to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. I didn't spot any Eagles today though. Then back through Salem. 120 miles and just a few light sprinkles a couple of times. What a great ride. To bad It wasn't planned and had a few more riders. I just work up and saw sun and hit it. As soon as we can count on good weather I am going to try to post some rides and see if we can't get something going. I also have a coworker that rides a wing and he likes to plan rides. If anyone is interested I can post them here.
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Hey robrienpdx
Check out our site if you would like to do some weekend riding.
We are out of Salem and ride most weekends when the weather is nice.

Join our site, it's always free. Just a bunch of people getting together to ride and share stories of rides and riding.
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