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Hanging Starter

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I have a 2002 VTX 1800C. It has 6500 miles and I just put on a new battery. From time to time the starter will hang. I drop it in gear and bump it with the clutch rocking it back and forth until the starter will eventually kick in and fire it up. Is this because the engine just stops in a bad spot (on the compression stroke) and it just wont go or is it a weak starter. Just curious if anyone else has experienced the same problem with these bikes before I wory about replacing that starter.
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I hate to say it but sounds like you may have a bad starter. Especially if you just installed a new battery. Sadly its not like you can just pop it out and take it to Auzone to have it tested. You can have the battery checked though. It is possible you got a bad battery or it wasnt charged correctly before they gave it to you. Most any bike shop should be able to do a load test on the battery and tell you if it is bad or not.

Good Luck:cheers:
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