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hard bags to good to be true - i dunno

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In my never ending search for cheaply priced quality hardbags I have run across these:

Anyone seen or heard of these? They look pretty damn good!!
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I'm suspicious because they list no mounting hardware nor mention compatible motorcycle models. I suspect, they are just generic saddle bags and you have to figure out how to mount them yourself. Their generic nature probably brings the price down -- they can effectively sell to more owners and not have to worry about helping with the install.

Because they are not model "keyed", I'd be concerned how they look once mounted. Saddle bags come in different lengths and thickness. And I've noticed that some hard bags on others' vtx just don't look right. They look too thin or too short or they are mounted too far from the bike.

Anyway, I can not speak to the quality. They sound well made but who knows.

Bottom line, in my opinion, I would not buy them. Too much of a chance that I couldn't do anything with them or that it'd look "hacked" together.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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