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hard bags to good to be true - i dunno

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In my never ending search for cheaply priced quality hardbags I have run across these:

Anyone seen or heard of these? They look pretty damn good!!
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Those are the Tsukayu Strong bags, going by the picture and the measurements. Great price also, the only thing that would concern me is that there is no mounting hardware . The ghost brackets mounting system moves the bags out about 2 inches from the fender and it's not as clean a look, IMHO. Tsukayu sends a specific set of mounting brackets tha keep the bags nice and tight to the bike. Probably the 120 dollar difference in the price. They aren't pre-drilled for a reason, gives each individual the oppertunity to mount them where he wants them. Look around on the site, you wouldn't want the same mount location on a C model as you would on an R or S. They are great bags and the flow they give the rear end is something no pair of Leatherlykes could ever do.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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