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hard bags to good to be true - i dunno

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In my never ending search for cheaply priced quality hardbags I have run across these:

Anyone seen or heard of these? They look pretty damn good!!
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I thought they looked like the Tsukayu strong bags too. Measurements are about the same too. I ordered these. Will let ya know what I think when I get them and post some pics. I'm going to mount them with easy brackets that I already have.
Thanks Much, just sent him a PM. I already ordered them so I guess I will know soon enough. They appear to be pretty nice but we will see when I get to open the box.

I've already got easy brackets for my current bags so that's no big deal :)
I do not recommend these, the hinges are very cheap, not like the tsukayu's, the lids are no lined with carpet link the bottom, the lids have stops so they don't open all the way and no mounting hardware. backs are recessed for hard brackets so the will not work with easy brackets unless you put spacers between the bags and brackets. Sometimes trying to save a buck aint worth it.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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