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hard bags to good to be true - i dunno

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In my never ending search for cheaply priced quality hardbags I have run across these:

Anyone seen or heard of these? They look pretty damn good!!
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Congratulations in your purchase... :)

Mine are Tsukayu. They sell several models. I chose these ones because they were the largest of all... 11" wide. :icon_blah
They are all over eBay...

I think you made a good purchase. Yes, they'll fit just about any large cruiser. Mine are not the same design as yours,
but they look good... as in beautiful. ;)

Generally, they have a max of 10 lbs capacity. Trust me, any more weight w/o reinforcement will develop cracks around the mounting bolts
... ask me how I know (Stupid me.). :eek:

As someone else pointed out, the brackets should be mounted with spacers. Furthermore, with some creativity, they can easily be reinforced.

I have them on my Valkyrie, but they'll fit just about any Japanese cruiser.
Mine came with strong universal brackets ($40), which places them too far apart. :hmm2:

I paid a TOTAL $345, including brackets and delivery to my front door.


I saw that their price is now up by 10 bucks. :choppersm
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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