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Has anyone heard what the changes to the 2007 VTX 1300 is going to be

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I know the information will be released this week sometime but I just hate to wait. I don't know weather to buy the 06 or to wait for the 07

Has anyone heard any good rumors
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Retro Rich said:
A retro-fit would probably cost a small fortune. Carb is AOK by me; much cheaper to re-set to your pipe/airbox set-up.
Yeah....think of everything you'll have to change.
I doubt there will ever be a retrofit.
FI is way overrated anyways.

I doubt we'll see anything at all but a few different colors (maybe)
All the action will be with the sportsbikes, with maybe something for the 1800. A mid level cruiser like ours simply isn't a top priority, which is fine by me since I love it just the way it is. :)
ibified said:
I have a buddy with an X who lives out in Colorado, and when he does riding up in the mountains with lots of changes in elevation, etc, he says its a BITCH to keep the bike running right.
I keep telling him he needs to come here for advice on that, but sadly, I have failed you all to this date on that.

He needs to get it jetted right first. I have, many times, changed elevation by about 6000 ft. in a days ride and had no problems at all. A lot of guys jet way too rich ("bigger is better grunt grunt")....only makes it worse the higher you go.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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