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Have had my X for 6 months now

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I have put 9000 miles on her since the 1st of April
I bought the bike with 6900 miles on her.

I was looking at what AVG miles per year are for resale "just for kicks" and it said 5300 would be the number.

The only way I would be able to stay close to their figures would be to only be a weekend warrior as I call them.

Now it is time for some input on a good winter helmet, I would like to stay under $200 but would go higher.
according to a dealer where my brother lives I need a european type do to my head shape, a large is floppy loose and a mediun is to tight in the tempels.
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Charlie D said:
european is just a little different in the shape of the liner

you could call it a pin-head instead of a fat-head

most of the helmets I try a large is floppy loose and a medium pinches my temple
Maybe the dealer wasn't saying "European"....but "Your-a-pin" :hmm2:
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