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Heading to San Fran 10/18 - 10/25...suggestions???

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Hey Californians...we are going on our 4th trip to San Fransisco October 18-25. Bonnie will be working 4 days so I will have some time to kill, looking for something to do. hat Wednesday our 21 year old son will come out and we have stuff we want him to see. So far here is what we've seen:

Golden Gate
Pier 51 (or something like that)
Muir Woods
Muir Beach
Point Bonita Lighthouse
Lombardi Street
Wente Vineyard


What should we see next? I'm taking a day trip to Russian River Brewery and can't wait!
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Yea we've been to the wharf too...thinking it's pier 51 if I remember right.
It's been 40+ years since I ate there last I don't remember the #, but the food I remember.
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