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I was looking for heated clothing to wear in the cold months. For me and my fiance', the prices for "factory made" jacket, pants, and shoe warmers complete with switching and heat controls would run between $1300 and $1800. So, I went hunting.....on the net, for alternatives. I found several "suggested" ways to make my own. I'm not going to try and post all of those instructions, but I am going to leave you with the links to the various sites I found. Here they are..... ... #materials

The last link is for a controller to regulate the heat. It's the only one I could find that pulses a "full load" for varying spans of time, instead of the rheostat type that just reduces the current on a continuous basis. You can read about the advantages of "pulsing current" on this website ... upwin=true

I'm going to do this, and from what I've seen on here, I'm not nearly as talented as some of you guys when it comes to "building your own". Good luck to anyone who tries it, and if any of you see where "improvements" could be made, please post them and let the rest of us know.

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