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hello my friends of a vtx cafe, after a while of no return visit to tell them something very curious in my motorcycle club ...

I was the first member to have a vtx 1300 in the group, and was both a taste of several more, now we have 2 vtx retro, custom vtx 2 and vtx 1300 custom 1800 and I hope will soon be more of my fellow ....

actually doing the vtx is a super bike, we are all happy with our machines

p.d. sorry for my english
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thanks friends, although I am not new in forum, I thank for your comments
hello billcar, jajajajaja any language is difficult when not practiced much, but the effort is made ....

here in mexico and there are many vtx riders, really is a great motorcycle vtx
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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