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Today I decided to modify my Shoei X-11 helmet to accommodate my BlueAnt Interphone F4 intercom. Originally, I simply used velcro to affix the speakers to the inside of the helmet but found that as I pulled the helmet off my head, the speakers would move and/or pop out. Also, I could really feel the speakers against my ears and if I wear my helmet for more than an hour, my ears really started to hurt.

Here's my step by step process:

Step 1:
Remove neck roll and cheek pads, then remove the entire frontal inner shell lining.

Step 2:
At the approximate location of your ear, draw and outline of the interphone speaker in the foam

Step 3:
Using a knife or razor blade, cut out the material where the speaker will be inserted. BE SURE NOT TO CUT INTO THE INNER FABRIC LINING.

What I did was cut along the line, then dig out the foam. I didn't cut all the way through the foam as I could dig this out with my finger nail. This insured I wouldn't cut through the inner lining.

Step 4:
Insert the speaker into the hole you cut. Be sure the speaker is facing the right direction.

Step 5:
Use an expanding foam sealer like "Great Stuff" to seal speaker in place and fill any voids.

Step 6:
Using duck tape (and what good project would be without duck tape), tape over the hole. This will cause the excess expanding foam to ooze out the sides. Allow it to dry and cut off any excess ooze.

Step 7:
Once expanding foam is dry, reinsert the frontal inner shell.

Route the microphone through the strap hole. BE SURE to route the straps such that the microphone boom is behind (helmet side) the strap when tightened.

Route the wire for the other microphone behind the inner lining.

Step 8:
Install the cheek pads and neck roll. Put helmet on and test functionality.

I'm really happy with the outcome of my modification. I no longer have the speakers protruding out from the inner lining of the helmet pressing against my ears and don't have to worry about the speakers popping out. The volume is just a tad lower than if the speakers were directly against my ears since they are behind the inner lining but I'm okay with that. Still loud enough for me.

I don't know how this would work on other helmets since the construction may be different. I bought a cheap I-Volution helmet off ebay and will probably have to make a similar modification to it. I'll update the post if I decide to do that.

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Nice job ... Had to make the same type mod (kinda) to the HJC hats when I installed the Cardo 2 headsets in them. Speakers were too much on the surface like yours and did cause ear pain after extended time on the bike .. an hour plus.

Don't have that problem with the Evolines and the Cardo 4 sets. Surface mount on the liner worked out just fine.

Enjoy your painless communications ...
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