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Help me I’m lost

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Otw back home last night my bike completely lost all its engine power….like it will turn on and ride fine except it has zero power it’s like riding a 100cc any ideas?
Thank you!
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What has changed? new plugs ,old plugs different fuel, ran out of fuel.ETC....ETC Need more info.
I just changed the spark plugs today same thing I daily it so it always has new fuel just when I hit the throttle it doesn’t go any where it’ll get up to speed in time but like a moped
Why did you change the plugs? How did the plugs look , dry and yellow/white,soot black? Sooty wet glack.etc.How was the bike before ?
The plugs were just sooty black and I changed them bc idk why the bike isn’t making power
Are you saying it has power until you crack the throttle and then it stumbles?
By stumble do you mean not going anywhere? It will crank and drive but not like a 1800 in the slightest bit it’s lost all its power
So, this is an 1800?
Not a 1300?
Very important difference!
Check simple things first, like an animals' nest or food storage inside the air cleaner blocking airflow. They can nest overnight. Happened to my 1100 Shadow years ago. It would start fine, idle fine, but when giving throttle, took forever to get up to highway speeds.
it happened going down the road
Could it be from a bad exhaust flange? There is liquid all around my rear exhaust
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There is all this liquid up here did I blow a gasket or???
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Also I looked into the air intake after starting it there was smoke in there
Thats a leak from coolant. swipe your finger and smell it. Is it antifreeze? If yes you have to check clamp tightness and check all hoses for mini-cracks.
Would lack of antifreeze make it loose power
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