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Help needed ! Which Kurakyn grip to get (dual throttle or electronic throttle) ?

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After my Ninja 650 was stolen 3 months ago, I've felt down for some time. Tough, I finally decided to quit weeping and try something new. Did some research and got me a 2004 VTX 1300. Never had a carburated bike before so I had some fun reading up about it and played around with the choke and stuff. All is good.

Though, the chrome cap at the end of my throttle grip is missing, and so I thought I might as well change the grips. Looks like Kurakyn grips are a popular choice here .

I have spent the last hour trying to figure out which grip to get, the one for dual throttle or the one for electronic throttle. From what I understand, the grip for electronic throttle just requires slipping on the bare handlebar, whereas the dual throttle one requires opening up the throttle housing and hooking up the cable pin with the grip. So the dual throttle one has an added component at one end that has slots to insert the pin.

Seems like a simple change either way. But I can't figure out which one my bike falls under :( I included pictures of the 3 models, 6320 (dual cable throttle), 6321 (electronic throttle), 6340 (???). The difference with 6340 is it doesn't have the black attachment thing at the open end. Can someone explain this difference too?

Thanks and I'm excited to join this family!

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Push/pull, dual cable.
So that would be the 6320?
Thanks guys. That answered my question.
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