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Help replacing kill swirch

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Want to know how to get the bundle of wires out of the handlebar clip seems its spring loaded...and on the windshield pics you can see the slide on the bracket but how do I release the windshield thanks all Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire Bicycle tire
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To remove the wire clip from the little "mushroom" on the handlebar, you have to use a very small screwdriver or small probe of some sort to depress a plastic tab and then the entire clip will slide off the metal "mushroom". Close examination of this plastic clip will show the grooves which indicate from which side it is inserted onto the "mushroom". It slides off in the opposite direction.

To remove the windscreen, you pull back on the small trapezoidal shaped tab on the top of the grey plastic "hook". This releases a catch which allows the plastic hook to pivot up and off of the mounting post. Do this on both sides and then you pull on the entire top half of the windscreen to pivot it forwards (toward front of bike) and then lift the bottom hooks off of their mounting points.

To remove the wire bundle from the metal "hook" on the bottom side of the top triple tree brace, you just get some slack and then maneuver the wire bundle out of the hook. The wire bundle may still be trapped between the top and bottom triple tree braces. If you need to get this wire bundle out from between the top and bottom triple tree braces, the best approach is to remove the top triple tree brace with the handlebar still attached to this brace.
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Glad it worked well for you.
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