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HID Headlight

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Is there a HID headlight for the 1300R? Would like to have one of those bright blue lights. Less chance of getting pulled out in front of. Thanks
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Ozz: running that kind of wattage, id run upgraded wire with a relay.
Not sure. If it were me, id just make it out of some good 10 gauge wire and a 40A relay or something. if you go that route, make sure you add a fuse or fusible link in on the power wire into the relay.
Ozz: running that kind of wiring isn't a good project for a first timer or someone who doesn't know a lot about electrical circuits. Im not saying that you dont, because I don't know your background, but be sure you know EXACTLY what you're doing before you start, or you'll wind up with a LOT of problems. if you arent sure, spend the money for an aftermarket harness.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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