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Highway Lights replacement bulb

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Anyone know the replacement bulb number for the above mentioned highway lights ?
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checked auto zone, napa and Advanced auto (and the bike shop we ride out of) NFG.

Guess Ill have to order them online.
I went out for a while and started poking around.

Found that the heated gear lead was burnt through - in two pieces .. I usually leave the end inside the backrest pouch zipped up tight but for some reason I left it stuff between the front and rear seat. Looks like the end was shorting on the fender. :banghead::banghead: I pulled it and replaced it. Im now wondering if my dumb bunny moved also caused an issue with the highway lamps.

Started to take a look at them. Dont have 12v at the light connector .. so I need to get into the bucket ... but that means that the highway lights have to come off ... cant get to the bottom screw on the bucket.

I have to tell ya... this is my first Honda motor vehicle ...and its the hardest bike so far to work on. Terrible design. Why didnt they drill a small hole in the light mount so that you could put a screw driver up through it to get to that bottom screw ? I bought the bike new in 3/10 but havent had to change the headlamp yet ... so how does every else change the head lamp with the honda highway lamps installed ? Remove the mount every time ? I think Im going to replace that screw with a bolt because there is room to get an open end or box on it ...
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Thats me eating crow. I was corrected on another board. I have to stop babying her so much an put a little Gorilla on it. The bottom one doesn't have to come out.

Although I was not right (opposed to being wrxxx :) ) it is still the worst bike Ive owned to work on.. everything else is great though...
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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