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I was traveling on my bike to meet a lady friend to go riding. On the way I lost my favorite du rag. Could not turn back so I decided to stop in at the Honda Dealership and purchase another. I got to choose from about 15 different kinds and that was it. It was strange when i got to looking around that none of their stuff said "HONDA" on it. I tried to pick a nice "honda" shirt for a friend of mine and the entire store had 1 plain white shirt that in big black letters said Honda (quite ugly). Next door was a Harley Davidson dealership and it seemed that the apparrel store is as big as the dealership part.

I would love to have some nice stuff that says Honda or VTX. I am very proud of my fine running machine. Am I the only one?
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You're not alone. Dawg's has some nice stuff...

He can customize anything. I liked the design on one shirt but wanted it to read VTX problem. Good quality shirts too.
Please let's not turn this into a Harley bashing thread?

Thank you.
+100000000 :cheers:
Honda never did. That's why you go to the independents.
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