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Honda service not so good

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:spank: I've had a really bad encounter with Honda's corprate office and a dealership this week. Story begins with a odd occurence with my clutch. At 55 MPH my clutch without warning took a dive on me. I have around 3100 miles and I've had it since April. I drive it on the weekends and never done anything to abuse or hurt my bike. Its a 2006 VTX 1300 S, Looks great but like I said before clutch is something to recon with. I have gotten no where with both the dealer and corprate, I have to fix my own bike even with the extended warrenty and everything else. I am very dissapointed that a brand new bike breaks for no apparent reason but Honda wont back there product. Just a warning for anyone who has a freak part break that shouldnt, dont exspect Honda to back you up. :nope:
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Bad News

You never said what broke on the clutch. Was it a plate/ plates, spring/springs, cable, whole clutch basket, or other. I'd like to know what the culpret is so we can all be on the look out for a defected part. Please post again when you find the source of the problem. I would get it in writing why they wound not fix the bike. And contact your lawyer. :mad:
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