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Honda vtx 1300 with street glide fairing

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I have seen previous post from the past on it but I have a vtx1300r I'm modifying a street glide fairing to mount on it,mostly have the mount figured out but I have seen some people put speakers in the holes where the speedometer and tachometer are, does anyone have any idea what size speakers and brand to use that fit well without having to do to much the the speedometer and tachometer holes to make them fit.
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Yeah my thing is I'm going to mount them where the holes are for the street glide tach and speedo cause can't wire them up to my bike so gonna put speakers in those hole and not sure what fits good in them I have seen previous post but no mention on exactly what size speaker they used
I'm running a reckless fairing right now with 4 5 1/4 inch speakers but the street glide only has to speaker holes and can run up to 6 1/5 inch speaker in them without modifying them
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