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Hondaline oem deluxe backrest

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I have a Genuine hondaline deluxe backrest for sale with all mounting brackets. (The 2 tabs on the back of the backrest on one side has been broken off. You can see in pics below) this would be an easy fix for someone who has the time or resources to have it welded back. I was going to fix it myself but decided to buy a new cobra backrest for the wife. The side brackets that attach to the fender area have been modified for easy on and off installation. It's in excellent condition besides the broke bracket. $260 new
I'll take $85 plus shipping
Pics on the OA site.
Here is the link:
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$75 plus shipping
$50 Plus shipping to your location.
Trying to get money together to buy some new pipes for the ol girl...
This is absolutely as low as I will go.
Shipping from 74107.
Bump with lower price
$50 + shipping
Bump ttt
$50 plus shipping
Or trade for chrome solo luggage rack
Last bump and then it's going back on the shelf to be fixed when I have time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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