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Honor the Fallen - Ladysmith, WI

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:patriot:There will be a memorial ride in honor of SSG Nathan Vacho on May 12, 2007 for a medical scholarship fundraiser in th name of SSG Vacho. Ride is from Ladysmith Memorial Park entrance to the Cedar Logde. Registration ($10) begins at 0930am and ride begins at 1100am at the Ladysmith Memorial Park Entrance. At the Cedar Lodge, lunch will be $5. If you wish to participate but not ride, meet at the Cedar Lodge at approximately 230pm. For more info contact Pam or Tim @ (715) 532-4848 or [email protected]:choppersm
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How far from Duluth MN is this? If it is not to far I may try to make it if all works out well.:choppersm
Cool, will try to make it. Hope this [email protected]#*$ snow is gone by then. That will be an early one as I am 80 miles north of Duluth.
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