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hook a trailer to the rear axle hub/nut?

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To start off, I'm trying to come up with some "winter ideas" to kill the time when I can't ride. I think I have it narrowed down to building a single wheel trailer to tow behind the 1300 and a few other light upgrades. Without going into details on the trailer (I will definitely do a write-up if and when I do it); I'm considering building it so it can connect to the rear axle hub. Does anyone have any opinions/suggestions on whether this is a good idea or not? Keep in mind it's a single wheel trailer, that will lean and track with the bike so the ability to have a wide range of motion left to right isn't necessary. If this idea isn't possible/safe then I will, of course, go with a hidden hitch setup. Personally I think that taking unnecessary weight off the suspension and putting it directly to the rear wheel makes perfect sense; it keeps the trailer's center of gravity low, and doesn't pull the front of the bike up if you weigh the trailer down too much (which shouldn't be an issue anyway since it's for tents/sleeping bags/wife when she won't shut-up :D ...). I guess it's also good to keep in mind that I haven't ever put a hitch on a motorcycle either, so there is a chance that the current hitch setups connect to the hub and bypass the suspension as well, and I haven't looked into it that much yet. The trailer will have a suspension system of it's own, and so far I haven't found a reason not to do it this way. Opinions and information greatly appreciated! I'm getting started early on ideas and input for my project so I can get all the necessary tools and supplies gathered up a little at a time (helps offset the costs).

Thanks in advance!
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