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Horizontal side mount License Plate

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Hey everyone,
I'am looking for a horizontal side mount license plate that does not cost an arm and a leg. I've seen some really cool ones, but they were around $200 to $300. I really don't want to spend that much for it, Gotta save some for more chrome, you know. Any suggestions would be great ! Thanks, Caroline
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I made mine out of a framing bracket. Basicly an L shape with 4 holes on each side. I wanted to come off of the shock mount for the simple fact that I could picture my self scraping my leg on it. After shaping it, I painted it black and you would never know that it was a garage creation. As I do everything else, I made it extremely heavy duty. I stood on it when I was done. here is a picture. I picked up that piece of metal as I was walking my dog on the side of the road one day. cost $0 - time 1/2 hour cutting and welding.

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Betty Boop said:
Hi twistedrcpiiolet,
That looks great and is mounted in a place I can use. I have the kuryakn drive shaft and swingarm covers so my choices are limited to the shock mount. I'll see if I can't get the hubby busy making me a bracket. I already have a chrome llighted plate to mount on it. Great idea. Thanks, Caroline
I hate to give away my secret :stirpot: , but mine is not lighted in the conventional way. I got a set of directional led's from autozone that were covered, wired, and water proof and stuck them way under the fender at a 45 degree angle. They are mounted right next to the last bolt on the fender support. This way they shine on the mount and there are NO VISABLE WIRES!!! I'll post a pic of the bracket later. I am making another one for my brother.
mattready said:
damn twisted...that things a beefy mofo! can you pull a boat with that? :D

thats a great idea and looks nice and tight up against the bike like that. do you have any issues with it binding the shock movement? the little bracket i used could easily be used in this same mount....just measure, drill, trim, and give it a nice bend.

are the little holes in the bottom of your fender from the stock brackets?
I have this tendency to break things so i build strong...real strong. I think it's about 1/4 inch galvenized steel with triple beed solid welds!!!.

There is no binding at all I can actually stick my finger between the plate and the shock. I made sure of that. On your bracket, make sure you position it right so that it doesn't rub anything, like the hub or the shock.

I can build one of these for a fair price. I actually have enough material for 4 of these. I figure 30 +shipping.
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