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Welcome to the Cafe from South Carolina!:cheers:

To join the PGR go to:

Click on JOIN in the middle of the page.

Once your signed up send an email to your state (NC) ride captain.

CAUTION: IF/WHEN you set it up to be notified about upcoming mission be CERTAIN it is ONLY for NC, otherwise you'll be getting notices in your email of every mission and comments on missions from all fifty states!


To join BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) is tougher. It's got the normal MC standards PLUS you've got to put in a LOT of time at/around kid's homes and in court as a "presence" and you have to do that with total commitment for a year before they make a decision for you to become a member or, it'a BIG commitment.

This is the BACA International (mostly US, Australia and New Zealand, I believe) website:

This is their U.S. BACA information page:

There's only one chapter in NC (Capital Area chapter), which is still one more than we have in South Carolina. I've been trying to get in a BACA chapter for almost two years now.

Welcome aboard to the PGR. :patriot:

Good luck with the BACA club. If you join and get your patch report back in to us in a year or so. :cheers:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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