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How is HP calculated?

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How does Honda calculate the HP rating for the VTX? The 2003 VTX 1800R from what I can tell has 106 HP and 120 lbs of torque. Are these ratings at the rear wheel, or is it like with some car manufactures the "engine/flywheel" numbers? The reason I ask is that the previous owner of my bike had it dyno and it was rated at 112 HP with the following upgrades; aftermarket Pro-Charger, V&H Big Shot exhaust and PCIII mapped aggressively. Do the numbers sound about right?:hmm2:
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All I know is it's more than enough to move my considerable heft around (372lbs). So far I've lost 31 lbs, down from 403. If I hit my target weight of 240 it'll be almost like strapping on another 60-70 hp. That's the cheapest performance mod in history I believe. Lol:drunk:
That's great Rod. Keep up the good work.:drunk:
Im more into the cruising aspect, but it never hurts to know what the bike is capable of. :eek: Rod.
More power is a lot like insurance, or a gun. You may never need it, but it's nice to know it's there.:choppersm
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