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How many DC Acc. can be added?

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How much electrical power does the 2006 VTX 1300 S produce? I'm going on a 3,000 mile ride and want to add driving lights, chargers for my cell phone, and for my mp3 player. I've looked for info here but don't see anything specific on this, I did print out the electrical diagram. I usually carry my bike to where I want to ride. There are nine of us from church that are going, most of them have Harleys, or Gold Wings. I will enjoy the trip more if I can see better, keep my phone charged, and tunes playing. Thanks
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I looked at a couple loud horns and they said to add 30 or40 amp fuses. Would that be alot for high dbl horns? I had a group,2 or 3 adults?? and 3 small kids, walking across a 40 mph 4 lane street with a turn lane the other day and maybe they looked before starting to cross but crossing the last 2 lanes they didn't even pay attention. I had to slow down a little but waited till I got real close before I honked, scared em for a second, I want something to scare em for a minute or two. I could have been one of those idiots texting and a 6 or 7 yr old kid was the last one to the curb.
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