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Hello out there, this is my first posting as a new member and first time trike rider too, "I'm finding things are way different on a Trike".

View attachment 63977 My last bike was more than 10 years ago, was just surfing the web in Oct. of this year and came across this beauty (love at first sight).
Especially odd since 1. I had never ridden a trike, and 2. this one was in Wisconsin and I was in Texas.

Anyway I purchased the bike from a dealer there and had it delivered here, I have to say that actually my new trike intimidates me a little.
My last bike was a 750 Yamaha Seca, and this is an 1800, then you add in the completely different riding style.

I have read almost every article I could find to try an learn from: Don't put your feet down, Don't counter steer, Use a push and pull technique, and so on.
But I don't remember seeing anywhere where that, when your in a turn, the trikes momentum try's to slide you off the seat.

I have also been working on a buffeting issue, I've tilled the batwing fairing up as I can (see I'm 6 foot tall, with a long upper body "trunk").
Still getting some buffeting up from around the tank area, I'm working on some lowers to attach to the front forks, that I have read should fix it though.

So much new stuff to learn, from the trike kit (American Trike), it has 4 chrome coil over shock under there along with a Wilwood disk brake, but no parking brake.

To this big VTX 1800, tons of power: I found a box plastic box module about 4x4x1" "no labels on it"(nothing on the circuit card inside ether) it has 2 groups of wires that it's plugged into and a couple of micro-switches on it as well, I believe its for fuel management.

All in all I love the trike, just got to learn how to ride all over again.

Anyway thanks for having me and giving me a read.

David Hilton Retired US Navy ETC/SS (Electronic Technician Chief/ Submarines)
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