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Huge Favor to Ask!

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I have had a super sport bike for 4 years. It has come to the point where my wife would like to ride with me. The Dealer has a NEW 2004 vtx 1300c silver, and asking $8400 Total out the door with taxes licence and all. He also has the same bike but 2005 for $8900. Any suggestions/comments on if there is any differences in the two years, and any recommendations other than this bike? I don't want the 1800 because of the size and weight. Does the 1300 have plenty of power?? Thanks for your help and reply.

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Thanks for all of your help and opionions, I just went and got the 04 and rode it home! Man it rides great! Plenty of power too! Now I have some extra cash to put on some pipes!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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