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Humorous Oil Changing Story

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I'm a recreational rider and who normally rides my VTX twice a week on my off days. I recently purchased my Honda VTX 1300, 2004 - 2009, Service Manual so I could troubleshoot any probable that may come up. My 2009 Honda VTX 1300 C had finally reached 600 miles. Being a smart owner I went out an purchased my Honda oil, and Honda anti-freeze so I could change the oil for the first time as recommended. I also purchased an oil filter tool along with some additional items I may need from my local Honda dealer.

I formed my plan to change my motor oil last Friday during my day off. The weather was a great sunny Southern California day, very warm with a temperture around 70 degrees farenheit. I thought this simple task would take no more than one hour. In fact, I planned on taking a long ride on my bike after changing the oil. About 30 minutes into this project, I discovered my first problem, the young man at my local Honda dealer sold me the wrong oil filter tool. No problem, I finished draining the oil from the front and rear oil plugs, and stopped long enough to go to the local auto store to purchase the correct oil filter tool. After returning home I immediately went to work on the oil filter again. I swear this oil filter must have been put on by some ape at the San Diego Zoo at nothing short of 100 ft-lb of torque. ?&*#@!

I finally broke the oil filter free by the grace of God. Of course this simple task involved lots of standing, sitting and laying on the ground beneath my awesome VTX. During this project I must of removed my favorite sunglasses a dozen times and placed them on my seat. During clean up, while pouring the used oil from the pan into a container for recycle I discovered my favorite sunglasses at the bottom of the used motor oil. *&@!%? Yes, these were my favorite sunglasses from Target for ($16). For a second I glanced at the oil covered sunglasses and thought maybe I could clean them up. But, quickly came to my senses and remembered the USS Arizona beneath the surface in Pearl Harbor still omitting oil to the surface of the ocean as of this date. I made the decision at that moment to jettison the Merona sunglasses to the trash. Let me not forget by this time I was three hours into this project. Murphy's Law!

After completing the above project I rewarded my VTX and myself with a ride to the MCB Camp Pendleton, the City of Fallbrook, California and finally back home to Escondido, California. The ride was nice and kind of made up for the rough start. Hopefully, you will find some humor in this story. 10% of things that happen in life we have no control of, however, 90% of the outcome is based on your attitude towards life. Good coping skills are a great thing! LOL Have a great week!
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Oil filter torque'd from the manufaturer/stealership....NO! say it aint so! They'd never do that would they???? At least you know next time it won't be torque'd on but as stated, don't forget the valve adjustment.
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