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I hate to ask....but,

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Im guessing some of you guys are former 750 Shadow owners. I cant seem to get a good answer on the Shadow boards.

Im looking for wide whitewalls for my 06 750 Aero.

The best Ive come up with is a Dunlop D404 in size 140-80-17 for the front $105, and a Dunlop K555 in a 170-80-15 for the rear $140.

Since these are slightly different sizes than OEM (120-90-17, 170-80-15) Im wondering if they will fit. Once I buy them, they are mine.

And, I havent given up on the VTX, once I sell my Mustang, my sister will ride the Shadow, and I will buy the VTX for myself, so I will be around.
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hate to say it but the tires you have listed have been on back order everywhere.

They were even hard to find befor Dunlop went on strike.

I say piss on Dunflop tires, I will go with Metzlers on my next order.
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