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I love this bike but I have a question

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I'm still a newbie and after two weeks of riding my 2005 vtx 1300r, I absolutely love it. I've put 600+ miles on it, scheduled the 600 mile maintenance for Tuesday, ordered a Memphis Fats windshield, and received some great compliments from some Harley riders, other riders, and attractive women. I'm learning a lot by getting out on the road and being a defensive rider. My question is...How do I keep from riding this thing? The house is a mess, the grass needs cut, and if I had a wife, she would have left me by now. This is a great forum. Thanks
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I have similar problems as REtro and Coley, twin 3 yr's ! But nice thing is I have at least 3 other friends that ride and come get me, sort of in "rescue mode" if you will. Hard for the missus to say no when my friends come around and ask her if I can go for a ride, reminds me of peer pressure lol

Don't you dudes have any Bike ridin friends to come "rescue you" ?? Works like a charm

Thunder! Feel the Rumble!
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