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I love this bike but I have a question

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I'm still a newbie and after two weeks of riding my 2005 vtx 1300r, I absolutely love it. I've put 600+ miles on it, scheduled the 600 mile maintenance for Tuesday, ordered a Memphis Fats windshield, and received some great compliments from some Harley riders, other riders, and attractive women. I'm learning a lot by getting out on the road and being a defensive rider. My question is...How do I keep from riding this thing? The house is a mess, the grass needs cut, and if I had a wife, she would have left me by now. This is a great forum. Thanks
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Haha, I'm with you Coley. Really tough to find time to ride, I have a 2&1/2 year old. I'm getting into the habit now of going out at night for a while after he's in bed and the Mrs. doesn't have anything big planned. Have to "squeak" in my time when I can. I hate I don't have more time, just hope to get some "bike passes" as I call them from the Mrs. over the next couple of weekends.

Yep, it's addictive and once I get on I have a hard time steering back home, that's for sure.:choppersm

Hope you get some sleep soon man!
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