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installation of ********* rear fender?

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Has anyone installed a rear fender by *********? It arrived without instructions or holes. Can I use the old fender under mount support?
Will it fit? I just installed the 200 rear tire. I am going to cut the fender and have a "slash" cut look at the rear. How do I support the wire harness underneath the factory fender?:hmm2:
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Thanks, I will call on Monday.
I installed the fender over the weekend, had problem with the height of the fender to the tire. What I wanted and what the fender was going to let me do were two different things.1st. the fender was made narrow, even though when I bolted it to the bike it creeked but expanded. I also had to puchase longer bolts. The aftermarket lights did not work because of the fiberglass material. Had to run a groumd wire.
What I don't like is the factory look it still has. It does not contour the tire.
Would I recommend it... Maybe....
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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