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Installed Kuryakyn Engine Covers today

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I installed the Kuryakyn chrome engine covers today. I am no mechanic and it was not that hard. I think they really clean up the lower part of the engine and more chrome my favorite color Sorry pic are not great but hard to take pis of chrome.

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Very very nice....I knew you were a chrome whore too !!! bad....ya'll are the chrome whores...I am the pimp...only fair...since I am the only:icon_chic..all kiddin aside it looks SWEET !!!!!!!!!!! BB;)
You're not the only :icon_chic anymore. You got backup now girl!! I was thinking of those engine covers and now you've made my mind up for me. Those are sweet.

Well now, its about time !!! Had one or two pop in for a week or so...then they leave...It's always good to have a backup !! ;) Hope you enjoy this forum and these guys as much as I do !!:) BB
Just ordered them and on the way. (Take THAT Boop. :bleh: )

Finally it's avaialble to cover the grey case casting seams and imperfections! I would love to paint the jugs Candy Black Cherry and polish the fin edges but like someone said above, it's riding season. ;)

Next maybe the "X" A/F cover, (with a ruby LED?) Or I could go with the Arlen Ness "Guitar Pick" like Boop. ;) /me ducks and runs
OK, mister...don't you think I won't have one too...gotta do my pegs first....Man, why can't CHRISTMAS come twice a year !!! Keep it up there froggy...I'll be pickin your BB :p Oh yeah, btw....that would be a CHROME....pick...not plastic !!!! :)

Ibified...I know you didn't think you were gonna get away with that one...No support hose need here....looks like your dealing with a Marine and a Navy girl.... you might need the support !!! LOL....rofl....BB
You people are sick you all need help all you want is chrome what will I do with all of you

You could buy us some CHROME !!! ;) BB
That would make me a codependent

:hmm2: COOL, A codependent CHROME WHORE !!! :bleh: LOL BB
You mean an Enabler? Hmmm maybe we need an intervention. :hmm2: ;)
I am not coming...I'm not addicted.....:nope: not me....:nono: nope...all I need is my X, and some chrome pegs, some chrome fender tips, some chrome covered cables, a chrome tripple t ree cover, some chrome forks, a chrom engine cover, chrome panties, a chrome feder rack, some chrome levers, a chrome rad cover......there must be something else....:p ;) :) BB
Bet there is !!! You can bet we'll find it is there is !! BB
chrome panties.BB
Me thinks those might chaif a little bit.
BAD girl

PEOPLE (GUYS) are you not paying attention to Betty.
You and Toadman caught it....I was testing you all, too !!:)
Originally Posted by JHottle
My wife has been pretty great and understanding this year in letting me get my 06 R and putting the chrome on it . Maybe I should thank her by getting her some of those chrome panties for her while she rides on the back.

NA, that would just be something else to polish.

NA, that would just be something else to polish.

Just think of the fun you'd have thouogh....;) BB
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1 - 10 of 46 Posts
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