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Installed Kuryakyn Engine Covers today

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I installed the Kuryakyn chrome engine covers today. I am no mechanic and it was not that hard. I think they really clean up the lower part of the engine and more chrome my favorite color Sorry pic are not great but hard to take pis of chrome.

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Looks Great

Looks Great Randy, Man I like those. GG :D

Yeh, Kury gets everybody drooling over some new products by throwing their CAD pictures out there sometimes a year to a year and a half before they actually put a product into production. Seen a lot of people ordering them. I wouldn't rub the chrome panties on the new piece--could cause an adverse reaction that ibi could probably explain to you in his engineeering terminology/lingo. :)

I'd wax/polish them very well before install, which is what I do before I even think about installing a chrome piece on the bike. Then, pretty easy to keep up with. Reason I wax/polish before--easier to get to some parts with it off the bike, and you know you've got a new/fresh coat sealing it up before install on all the little "nooks & crannies" on some pieces. It's also easier to get the wax/polish into area like where screw/bolts go before they install.
Plus 1 Rich, I might add, Make sure to wipe the fingerprints off any chrome part that's installed right away before starting the bike. The oils from your skin can soak right into the chrome when it's hot. GG :D
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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