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Installed Kuryakyn Engine Covers today

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I installed the Kuryakyn chrome engine covers today. I am no mechanic and it was not that hard. I think they really clean up the lower part of the engine and more chrome my favorite color Sorry pic are not great but hard to take pis of chrome.

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About time they're available! :) Lookin' nice! Easy to put on? Side covers have to be removed?
Just ordered them and on the way. (Take THAT Boop. :bleh: )

Finally it's avaialble to cover the grey case casting seams and imperfections! I would love to paint the jugs Candy Black Cherry and polish the fin edges but like someone said above, it's riding season. ;)

Next maybe the "X" A/F cover, (with a ruby LED?) Or I could go with the Arlen Ness "Guitar Pick" like Boop. ;) /me ducks and runs
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You mean an Enabler? Hmmm maybe we need an intervention. :hmm2: ;)

Dang it BB, you just left chat again.
The covers are on backorder for about a week, mine included. Quite a run on them when the word got out they finally were available. :(

Can you use a Mother's Powerball on Chrome Panties or is it easier to manually rub to a bright lustre?
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