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Installing/wiring your driving lights

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I have read a lot of threads and have seen multiple different ways that people have wired driving lights onto the "x"... There is one way that I have not yet seen people do. These does seem as though it will be the EASIEST!!

On my 05 1300R inside of the headlight assembly there is a spare plug. It is white in color and has 3 wires going into it. There is a BLUE, BLACK, GREEN. The green is the ground. The blue is the highbeam power (coming straight from the switch), The black is running from your right side blinker (dont worry about this)... THIS PLUG IS LABELED AS THE FOG LIGHT ADAPTER (on the wiring diagram)

You can either try to find the honda plug that will fit the other side or you can simply plug your wires directly into the individual plugs associated with the GREEN (ground) BLUE (power) wires. This will enable your driving lights to turn on when you trigger your highbeams. This is the way that honda has allowed for the AUX lightbar to be plugged in and eliminates the need to add any additional switches, relays or fuses/circuit breakers.

I am in the process of doing mine and was reviewing the wiring diagram earlier. Thought I would pass this on.

If anybody has used this method please chime in!:patriot:
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I am not understanding this...

If this were true about possibly melting or damaging your wires if you jump into using that terminal.. Then why would the Cobra installation manual tell you that for their light bar you are to splice into the black power wire that is located on that plug?

" 14. For VTX1300 & VTX1800 Retro: Find the 3 wire accessory lead with the flat 3 wire connector inside
the headlight housing. Connect the Black power wire from the lightbar switch to the Black w/Brown
tracer wire using the supplied (blue) quick splice connector. "

Now granted I did not use this plug.. I used a relay that is wired off of the blue wire on this plug (which allows my relay to close when the highbeam switch is turned on). But I have not found any reason that would lead to damage of the wires. Honda put that plug there for an optional fog light. I cant find the wattage of the honda or cobra light bar... Are they 25/35 watts?
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