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From what Ive heard, its not an easy thing to do since the LED's are soldered onto the IC board itself.

If you do find a kit, Id love to change mine.


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Sent my speedo to a guy in AZ. He's from the other Vtx site seemed like he was a super nice guy. Got it packed up and off to AZ and back again in like 8 days. I did it over the winter so it didn't really matter to me how long it took.
Blue, green, orange heck I'm not sure anymore.
Check them out:'s+speedo

He put blue in mine and he also dims the Bright High beam blue led too. Makes it much nicer when the high beam is on.
Don't know him for Adam as they say and I don't spend too much time on the VTXOA but I do like this little mod. Great little detail thing.
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