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Is it a starter, solenoid, HELP!

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Yesterday my bike wouldn't start after riding it around town. It had all the classic symptoms of a dead battery (click click click click) and it was the original that came with the bike (it's a 2003 1300S). It had done something similar in November, but I tightened up the connections and it seemed to get better. Occasionally it would skip a little when starting it, which would reset my trip odometer.

So I went to my local battery store and picked up a new one. I put it in the bike and now it won't start. :banghead: Battery has lots of charge, but it seems like it won't make it past the compression stroke.

Is this a starter or solenoid issue? If so, is there a way to test it?

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Good you got it, I was reading and was going to say, to bad you dont live closer, I have a extra starter to try.

Glad you got it going.
2 of them on the web site, look like a old starter solenoid off of a few fords that I had way back.

Dont know why anyone would get into a pissing match over that part.k
I is called either name, some call hwy. bars and some call them crash bars.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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