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It was one of those "OH SHI_" Moments

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In my 3 years riding (this month) I have had several strange moments aboard the bike. A quick short list of some:

  1. Running over a 20' long piece of 3" pvc at 75 mph that was bouncing down the highway that was shed out the back of a trailer meeting me ( "OH SHI_" ).
  2. A large whirlwind with wind so strong that it nearly took me off the road. Literally blew me in one blast from my lane to nearly off the road on the shoulder on the other side ( "OH SHI_" ).
  3. Literally running over ( not hitting ) a flying bird ( "OH SHI_" ).
  4. Having about a 5" to 7" rock come off of a truck bed - bounced off the road and hit my windshield (scared the pee out of me - literally), what a kapow that was ( "OH SHI_" ).
  5. Then there was the day I was going around curve on the way home from work only to hit a long patch of just harvested dried corn that had been spilled on the road by a grain truck. That's like driving on marbles ( "OH SHI_" ).
For the lastest. Same curve as the corn incident. They are now cutting corn for silage around my area. Drought so bad it is not going make good enough for regular harvest so they are just chopping it up for silage for use by the dairies and feed yards.

The trucks carry this stuff not tarped so at high speeds they are shedding the stuff everywhere. If over loaded with a large amount piled above the sideboards they sometimes just dump a blob out on the highway. I am guessing this is what had happened.

I started into the curve ( usually make the curve around 70 - 75 mph ). I am just on my normal uneventful ride home from work on this back way FM Road. Then the fun starts, I am suddenly riding on greased snot. This silage is cut green, stalk, leaf, cob, corn and all. It is moist and it is slick. I am having flashbacks of the marble ride ( "OH SHI_" ). Start losing the rear end and the front is not grabbing real good either. Back off some, seems to make it worse, slightly rethrottle and that seems to be doing no good. Heart rate goes to 11,000 beats per second or so.

Luckily the really thick silage layer doesn't last too long. Clear it and and am on just intermittent pieces everywhere. But this does allow the tires to regain traction and the bike rights itself with a jerk. So I slow down a pull over the side and stop. Say a quick prayer of Thanks - Check my pants (clear), breathe for just a minute and then proceed the few miles left to the house.

I really hate these little ( "OH SHI_" ) learning moments .....
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Well after reading those let me add the "T". Yikes.

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