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J&M CB2003 Du

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J&M CB2003 Du for VTX 1800
NEW: $440
SELL: $200

Location: MA
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Base duo (passenger & rider) system with Chrome Honda mount (approx: $440 if purchased new).

Depending on what the buyer is willing to spend on shipping, I have a chrome bracket (which needed to bent to keep antena close to vtx body), and a 3ft antena.

All headsets and lower cords are not included.
Yes the unit is still for sale.
The unit is $200 + shipping.

I also may have helmet setups as well.
Currently I am in talks with Victoy to see if the cords match the Vision CB.
If they do, I will keep the headsets, if they dont they will be for sale as well.

If interested in headsets let me know as I have a few and some were installed in helmets that were never used.
I have 8 different helmets (half, quarter, full) that were wired.
It will work with most Hondas.
I had it on an 1800F.
The bracket uses the 2 clutch screws to attach the bracket to the handlebar (see image).
An alternate mount can be bought for harley, yamaha, etc..
Been swamped at work and had two separate wakes to attend for different friends.

If you are interested send me a phone number and name, and I will call you.

When buying new, you purchase a head unit, then you purchase a bracket, then you purchase lower cords, then you purchase upper cords, then you purchase a microphone. You also have to make sure you are comparing the DUO (Passenger and Driver, not just the Driver).

Apologize for lack of response, usually only check board on weekends.

If anyone is interested in the product, just email me directly at [email protected]
Yes still available.
Head unit (rider & passenger), chrome mounting bracket for handle bar, chrome license plate bracket mount, antenna wire.

You may want to get another license bracket mount as I needed to bend it so it went between the fender and saddlebags.
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