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I have a vtx 1300
Clayton mod stock exhaust
Pair valve mod
La xxx big air kit

now time to rejet I bought a dynojet kit
So far here my setting
Stock spring
Dyno jet needle 4th clip tits cutted
Pilot stock 55
Main jet I am now up at 210 dynojet
1 3/4 af screw
Spark plug are ngk dcpr7e
Carb is clean

bike run fine no problem at all from 0 to 1/4 hold and even 1/4 to wot

when I am doing plug chop test to see if my main is rich or lean the spark plug are always white here the pic of chop test with new plug when bike warm wot for 15 sec

1st pic is chop test with 210 main dynojet
2nd pic is chop test with 195 keihin stock main jet
I would love to know why is it alway bright clean and white like this

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