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Greetings to all. This is my first post though I’ve followed this forum for several years. I’ve gotten some great help from searches on several subjects. I didn’t find anything that fit my backstory or findings. I have an 07 1300C that I’ve put many miles on (15K since 4/2020). Everything was great. It now has a shimmy/wobble at low speeds. Most threads talk about front end issues, however I and my pro bike mechanic friend can find nothing wrong up front. Shimmy/wobble @ less than 5 mph, gets more noticeable at increased speeds till about 30 mph then goes away. It has slowly gotten worse.
About 6 months ago I had my front & rear tires replaced. The front tire had a factory defect (got a manufacturer free replacement) that caused my front wheel bearings to fail (seals failed & slung grease). Bearings were replaced along with the tire. A shimmy/wobble was also noticeable at bearing failure but not before.
I rode the bike for a while post-repair and noticed the shimmy/wobble was still there though not as bad initially. Put miles on the bike noticing the wobble/shimmy get slowly worse. My friend and I have checked the front end. The rim/wheel is true, shaft is straight, tire is good, forks are fine, wheel bearings & races are good, brakes are good, steering head bearings were a little loose but adjusting made only a small reduction in the wobble/shimmy. We are starting to check the rear end, swing arms, wheel tire, etc. Initial checks have revealed nothing obvious. In the process of disassembly. Would appreciate any helpful feedback.
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Just going to ask the simple question first. Most motorcycle tires will have a painted dot , or possible a letter on the sidewall. This is the manufactures way of saying this is the light area , you mount this closest to the valve stem. Has that been done , how much weight was added to balance the tires? Just a start.
Joe D
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