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Just Got '06 Black VTX 1300 C!!! Glasses and Helmet?

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Just got a '06 VTX 1300 C in Black!!!

Shopping around for some goggles / glasses and helmet.

Since I am getting a half helmet (Shoei ST Cruz) for the summer, I decided to get some Wiley X glasses but they don't quite fit flush against my face. They do for the most part but not completely. Does that matter? Will I get too much wind around my eyes? Any recommendations?
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Welcome to the board. Not sure about the glasses, but I ride without a windshield...sometimes....with just prescription glasses. After a lit bit, it seems my eyes adjust. 1st they'll tear like crazy, but after 15-20 minutes I'm fine. I've never had riding glasses except for my regular glasses....this is just my experence....don't know if it'll help.

I'd contact WileyX and see if you can exchange for a better fitting pair.
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