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I realize there are a lot of us that service their own bikes and this is not for you. :)

I don't always have the time, expertise or the desire to service my bike and I was happy to find someone that knows the VTX as well as all motorcycles and is personable and reasonable $$.

If you live in the Northwest valley (near Cardinal stadium) of Phoenix/Glendale this may be for you. (Quality Motorcycle is the name)

He is an Amsoil dealer, carries most standard parts (filters, pads etc.) or he can get them. His hours are limited and you will need to make an appointment and he is full service including tire mounting/balancing.

PM me if you would like a number for contact as I don't know if I am allowed to post that information.

PS: Anyone who has a 1800 that has 110,000 miles on it is definitely doing something right! :choppersm
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