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Just got thru with putting on the Rineharts...

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Got the bubs off of ebay...had a bit of an issue...incomplete installation kit..hard as hell to follow instructions (at least to me...I'm not that mechanically inclined..:D ), couple of the bolts threads were different than what i needed.

But in the end...these Bubs are something else!!! Managed to get it done and take her for a spin and man did does she rumble now.

For those that are debating on whether or not to change to Bubs or take off the stocks, DO IT!!!! The Clayton is good if you don't want to deafen your neighbors but if you want the rumble...go for it.

Now my question...are the HK 3" pipes as loud as these BUBS? (yes, I've got a set of HK's on the way...I like the long pipe look - but the Bubs are sweeeet!)

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I agree, The sound is a little tinny on the HK's I Think. Some Thunder Monster baffels take care of that so I've heard. I rode with some guys last SAT. One had Cobra's one had Big Shots, and a HD with Screaming Eagles, You could'nt here anything but my BIG 3s. With homemade baffels. I really love the look of the Big 3s on the R/S models. GG :D

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Eleanr said:
Bought 2 extra sets of gaskets...Retro Rich told me about them.
Yeah good idea, Just loosen the right floorboard till it flops. Take the Rear Master Cyc. Res. bolt out and lay it down on the side. Crows Foot or a cut off wrench helps with the front lower head bolt. Shim the pipes away from the rear mount approx 1/4 in. in case you ever want to run the Kury Swingarm cover. Make sure to remove the old crush washers and install the new one's. Pretty easy to mount. GG :D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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