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Just Rented a 2011 Heritage Classic for 2 Days

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I am in New Smyrna Beach with my family for the week and on Wednesday, I rented a 2011 Heritage Classic from Daytona Beach HD, Eagle Riders. First of all, the guys working at Eagle Riders were great. Patrick who has worked there for 10 years is a brother in Christ and we hit it off. When i told them I owned a VTX-1300, they suggested the Heritage as they felt it was a comparable model. I could have rented a Road King of ElectroGlide, but since I was interested in the Heritage before I got the X, I went with that. Eagle Riders had a $99 per day special (I added insurance). So I saddled up and brought it to our timeshare.

My first impression was that is was tame. It felt lighter than my bike and not as much punch on the low end. (also factory exhaust makes it "seem" tame) But after driving it for a while, it grew on me. Nice performance at higher RPMs. Definitely more vibration than the X. And yes, it gets hotter especially in traffic or at lights. But overall, I like it. Its fun and easy to drive and has enough power. My wife loves it. She has ridden on the beach and all around with me. I do like the 6 speeds. Auto canceling blinkers.

They also said we may have a "special" for you if you want it another day. And they did. I rented day 2 for $49.00. So 2 days for $149 plus insurance. That is a steal no matter what! I get to ride on my vacation around the beach. I take it back this afternoon. Truthfully, I look forward to riding the X as soon as I get home.
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That is a good deal, and it's great to be able to try out another bike for an extended period of time.
Sorry the weather hasn't been the best lately.
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