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K&N / carb / spyker question

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I just ordered a K&N filter for my 09 VTX R and I was wondering if its necessary to adjust the carb or do I just simply install and thats it? Im also considering the spyker modification and would like opinons / advice on whether its a good idea and will adding the spyker mean a carb adjustment.
As always, advice is greatly appreciated.
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I have the k&n filter, and the Spyker mod.......the only two things I have done are......a/f adjustment, and I put a piece of plastic behind the screen from the Spyker mod to lessen the air flow......Spyker gave me something to use, but you could use the plastic from a pack of blank cd's........I have not rejetted nor have I done the Scar bike performs just fine.....
Isnt the idea behind ther spyker to let more into the carb or where you getting to much air?
Yes and no.....the Spyker mod will let more air in, and more water in if it rains or when you wash the bike........and its very decorative.......when I first got it, I heard the rush of air coming into the did someone wrote up about how to block it from both air and using a clear piece of plastic, I can use lights within the carb to enhance the effects!

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